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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chriscolfer!!! Wish I could be there!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chriscolfer!!! Wish I could be there!

[Born This Way] was Kurt’s episode. Every scene and line led back to him. More specifically, it all tied into one musical number — Kurt’s performance of “As If We Never Said Goodbye” […] The sequence found an imaginative, expressive way to get into Kurt’s head and show the world as he felt it. Halls that once spooked him had become just halls, nothing more. He walked with quiet confidence, like a young man suddenly at ease in his skin, reveling in the discovery that he was happy. Kurt was seasoned by experience but still sensitive, ethical and kind. And when he got into the classroom again and started performing, he sang in such a way that the “Sunset Boulevard” song became his story — his anthem. [x]