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Dazzling And Tremendous - part two - 


Two summers ago I wrote Mad Naked Summer  or, the summer of sexual experimentation. An anon asked if I might revisit the story, so I thought I’d try. Picks up around the time that canon leaves off, in NYC in the summertime. 

This is less of a multi-chapter fic and more of a verse, so not really a plot to keep up with, just the boys going through items on a sexy summer bucket list.

Part One

When Blaine turns his laptop so Kurt can see the page with Best Selling Fetish Kits! in giant black letters on the top of the screen over scrambled eggs one morning, Kurt blushes and drops a blob of eggs into his lap and in a rush says, “Let’s go to an actual store, for an authentic experience,” he knows as soon as the words have left his mouth that he will live to regret them.

It doesn’t take very long at all.

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Dazzling And Tremendous - Part One - 


Two summers ago I wrote Mad Naked Summer  or, the summer of sexual experimentation. An anon asked if I might revisit the story, so I thought I’d try. Picks up around the time that canon leaves off, in NYC in the summertime. 

This is less of a multi-chapter fic and more of a verse, so not really a plot to keep up with, just the boys going through items on a sexy summer bucket list.


The paper slips from the yellowed pages of the book; dog-eared and corners bent, cover ripped, sweet, strange perfume of old glue and paper and the memory of verses read and reread and held close to the heart.

He folds the paper, spreads it creased and wrinkled on the bedspread. Mad Naked Summer scrawled in Kurt’s handwriting across the top. Blaine smiles to himself. The summer of sexual experimentation. He flushes with tingling warmth at their youth and enthusiasm, even through missteps and mistakes. Kurt stammering and red-faced and bravely pushing past his insecurities and both of them naive and inexperienced.

That was a good summer.

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Kurt/Blaine werewolf AU, NC-17 


Kurt is a teenage werewolf hunter and Blaine is a teenage werewolf.  It’s complicated.

Blaine’s running as fast as he can, ignoring the way sticks and leaves and tree roots feel under his bare feet, the way his limbs feel too heavy like this, too clumsy, too human.

The moon is only a crescent in the sky but it’s bright, and it pulls at Blaine to shift back, to succumb to instincts and let his limbs grow long and lean so he can be fast, can get away.

But Blaine isn’t trying to get away. He’s trying to get caught.

He crashes through leaves and dodges trees and ignores everything else, ignores the scurrying animals and the forest smells and the loud thumping of his own heart, the wolf adrenaline that makes his blood hot.

The chase is almost as exciting as what comes after, with the way it appeals to Blaine’s wolf senses. The wolf doesn’t like being held back but it likes the pursuit, the thrill of it.

find me find me come and find me, Blaine thinks wildly, eyes flashing to see in front of him in the dark.

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prompt: Blaine and his magic hands give Kurt a massage after work.
NC-17 for fingering and a happy ending~ ((and a brief cameo from Bruce))

"What’s this?" Kurt asks when he gets home from a long shift at the diner, eyebrows furrowing at the cushioned mat spread out on his bed. For a second he mistakes it for a body pillow and thinks that maybe Blaine has his own Bruce, but then he spots the basket of oils and lotions next to the bed.

"I know how much you love my backrubs," Blaine starts to say, and Kurt hums at the pleasant memories, the way Blaine’s hands always press so firm that Kurt just turns to putty under the touch, "so I thought I’d give you the full treatment this time. I know you must be sore from work and after… after the way you took care of me when I was insecure a couple of weeks ago, I figured I could return the favor."

Blaine shrugs like it’s nothing but Kurt’s eyes soften, hand reaching out to link their fingers together, squeezing. “Sex with you and your gorgeous body is never just a favor,” Kurt says slowly, surely, “but god, Blaine, a massage sounds amazing. Let me shower first?”

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Fic: Mending 


WC: 2500

Rating: NC-17

Summary: “Kurt has a feeling of untethering, of a weight in his chest he’s been holding back and holding in. It’s strange and almost too much and Blaine next to him is a safe, warm place he wants to lose himself in” Post Bash reaction fic. 

Notes: Mentions of assault and healing. H/C sexy times, if h/c is not your thing, avoid! Thank you to lurkdusoleil for the beta and gingerandfair for the ear and feedback!


There’s a certain comfort in Blaine’s nearness, in the constance of their intrinsic gravity, even when Kurt doesn’t have anything to give. There’s a certainty in Blaine’s faith that Kurt isn’t too far away, that knows that Kurt will let him in when he’s ready. It feels like the space he needs. In the days after he’s released from the hospital, armor and a steel spine are what Kurt needs, a skin he’s known how to put on since high school. The space though —  the space that feels like a cushion around him, the familiar hold of solitude, of not having hands on his body he hasn’t invited — for a while, it’s what he needs. They both know too, that when Kurt is ready, Blaine will be the first to know. So even when it seems like Blaine is never more than a few feet away, Kurt doesn’t feel pressured.

Blaine sleeps on the floor the first few nights he’s home, despite Kurt’s insistence that it’s not necessary. He doesn’t want to be jostled or touched really, but he does try to convince Blaine to sleep on the sofa.

“You can bring me my pills from over there just as well Blaine,” Kurt says. Oddly enough, Blaine’s response isn’t just a small smile, but a fleeting touch down the side of Kurt’s nose. He leaves and comes back with water and more pills.  Kurt doesn’t press the issue. He knows he must balance his need for space with Blaine’s need to touch and be close.

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I’ll Find You In The Morning Sun 


WW II Sailor Klaine AU

New York City had been the plan: singing, dancing, acting, whatever. As long as Blaine was there in the middle of the glitz and glamour and freedoms that a big city could offer that Lima couldn’t. But then he enlisted right out of high school- and everyone was enlisting- and now he spends most of his time on a patrol ship in the middle of the Atlantic instead.

He feels good about his decision, feels good about doing his duty and protecting his country, and his parent’s pride is a nice bonus, but he’s sort of miserable. He’s sick of the ocean, he’s sick of being cooped up in this giant, hulking tin can of a ship, sick of constant fear of attack and he’s not like the other guys- the ones who welcome it, itching for combat. 

He feels different from his brothers-in-arms in a lot of ways, in fact.

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Now ~ 1.1k

inspired by now from dreaming wide awake.  contains speculation for season six based on the little we know from interviews, mentions of kurt/others, angst, and hope.  thank you, as always, to the lovely axe.

Los Angeles is harsher and more unforgiving than New York ever was.  At least, it feels that way to Kurt.  It’s been two years, and though he’s found his ‘places’ in and around the city, he still hasn’t found his footing.  It’s kind of difficult to do that when his whole world was tilted so far off its axis that it crumbled, and he hasn’t quite had the time nor the will to do much to right it.

"Hey, it’s—it’s me.  Um…  I got your message that you came by, and that’s fine, I know you’re busy right now, what with…  Everything.  I didn’t even realize how much stuff you still have here.  But yeah, it’s fine to leave it all here ‘til you can come get it."

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scrunchydarren prompted: Blaine walking in on Kurt masturbating (and then encouraging him to finish).
AKA early!Klaine where they’re new boyfriends & they’re both boarding at Dalton. Rated R.

(early!klaine meme yay)

"It’s late," Kurt says between kisses, knowing he should let go of the lapels of Blaine’s blazer but not quite able to bring himself to do it. "You should probably get going, you know, before…"

"Before I can’t stop kissing you?" Blaine finishes for him, smiling sweetly, his eyes crinkling at the corners when Kurt darts forward to kiss him again. "We’re not very good at this whole saying goodnight thing."

Kurt sighs. Blaine has a point - they’ve been “saying goodnight” with lazy kisses for the past five minutes with no real sign of stopping, taking turns pulling away only for the other to lean in for one more last kiss.

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since it’s three years since kurt and blaine met today, i combined my post 5x04 fic with having kurt talking (gushing) to someone else about his blaine. ♥

“So engaged, huh?” Elliott can’t help but to ask as he leans back against the couch, the question on the tip of his tongue finally slipping out. 

He keeps his voice hushed, Rachel having already gone to bed a couple of hours ago and Santana tugging Dani with her to her room a few moments before.

Kurt’s face lights up with a proud little smile, eyes darting down to his ring and he lifts his hand almost unconsciously, spreading his fingers to look at it.

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Anonymous prompted: Blaine watching a playback of Roar and seeing this (x) and getting self conscious and Kurt telling him he’s a dummy and he likes the tum (((I feel like you get a lot of prompts like this but honestly I saw the jiggle and just smiled because Darren’s lil tum /)w(\ there’s never enough tum love)))

"Something’s on your mind," Kurt says as soon as they finish their hellos, and Blaine sighs, pulling the blanket tighter around his shoulders and staring at the laptop. He’s trying not to sulk, but he doesn’t think he’s succeeding.


"You’re blanket-burritoing, Blaine, and you only do that when you’re upset or sick." Blaine slumps and Kurt’s voice softens. "What’s wrong, sweetie? You know you can tell me anything."

"It’s… kind of silly."

"So are two-hour discussions about which Salvatore brother is hotter, but we still did that the other day, didn’t we?" Kurt says with a smile, leaning forward to rest his chin on his hand. "Try me."

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anonymous prompted: first time meeting with one of the boys literally falling in the other’s arms, and kurtsies prompted: kurt owns a little boutique (or something) and blaine is the guy who comes to wash the windows

Kurt usually doesn’t pay much attention to the people cleaning his windows – they are, after all, cleaning his windows, and if Kurt thought of it as an exciting experience he would have done it himself instead of hiring them.

Except it’s kind of hard to ignore the guy who keeps pausing in his movements, staring straight through one of the big floor-to-ceiling windows in the small but exclusive fashion store Kurt opened a few months ago.

The guy doesn’t even shy away from looking when he sees Kurt noticing him, simply smiles back, and when Kurt catches him drawing a little heart to him on the window followed up with a wink, Kurt blushes so hard he has to slam the register shut and flee to hide in the backroom.

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mmmcookies22 prompted: A sweet and innocent tickle fight turns sexy.
Anonymous prompted: fic based off your tags on that post about Kurt’s smile?

aka early!klaine toothy smiles & tickling & accidental boners ♥

Five months into their relationship Kurt realizes that Blaine is atrocious at certain accents, and once he starts laughing at Blaine’s falsetto, “May the odds be ever in your favor!” he can’t seem to make himself stop.

"Oh my god,” Kurt says behind his fingers, covering his mouth with one hand and clutching his stomach with the other. He’s laughing so hard it’s starting to hurt, and after Blaine gets over his initial pouting once he realizes what Kurt is laughing at, he reaches for Kurt’s wrist, trying to tug his hand away from his mouth.

"Hey, no, c’mon, don’t hide! You know how much I love your smile, Kurt."

Kurt hiccups around a breathless laugh and then presses his lips together to hide his teeth. He shakes his head, and Blaine crawls closer on the bed, kissing Kurt’s dimpled cheek.

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Diplomatic Relations 


More tropes: Cheerio!Kurt/Nerd!Blaine. Also a prompt from anonymous for Model UN Klaine.

The clump of students milling around the door part like the Red Sea when he saunters into the room. Well, as much as seven students can be parted. Model UN is admittedly not the most popular club at McKinley.

Blaine has no idea what he’s doing here. Bored? Lost? Sent on a dare from the other Cheerios to scare the nerds?

But then he sits at a desk in the front, crosses one long leg over the other and looks around expectantly, so Blaine gets up with a sigh, finds a placard for an available country and hands it to him with eyebrows raised. Kurt Hummel may think this is all a joke, but as founder and leader, Blaine takes it very seriously.

“We’re finishing up a committee topic on access to sanitation,” Blaine says. Kurt wrinkles one side of his nose. “But study up on your country for the next meeting and be prepared to participate on gay rights issues.”

Kurt reads his card and wrinkles the other side of his nose as well. It’s really not cute. Except for the fact that it very much is. 

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Anonymous asked: kurt slipping around on the floor because he has fuzzy woolen socks on and blaine trying to help and not laugh at how adorable he is


“No, no, no, don’t touch that!” Kurt says, coming into the room like shot out of a canon, Blaine barely having time to register he’s there before Kurt slips and falls to the floor with a yelp.

“Honey!” Blaine squeaks out and hurries over to him, crouching down and trying to see if he’s okay. Kurt blinks up, looking like a startled Bambi and Blaine can’t hold back a little giggle before going serious again. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Kurt huffs out and blushes, holding out his hand for Blaine, clearly wanting help. Blaine stands again and hauls Kurt up, Kurt slipping a little on his fluffy winter socks.

“Be careful with those,” Blaine says, sliding his arm around Kurt’s waist just to be sure he really is steadied enough. He pulls him a little tighter against himself, just to be sure. Pressed chest to chest is probably the safest option in this particular situation. Maybe kissing as well, he thinks, before furrowing his brows and putting that thought on hold. “What were you running in here like a hunted antelope for?”

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ficlet: The Monster Inside Me 


more tropes: werewolf!kurt/vampire!blaine

“The werewolf thing is terrible for my skin.” Kurt rubs the apricot scrub in increasingly violent circles, as if sloughing hard enough will remove whatever paranormal toxin was injected into his DNA via werewolf attack. He told his dad that taking out the garbage was bad for his health, but did he listen? No.

“At least you don’t have to drink blood,” Blaine says next him, shuddering and scrunching his nose.

“Plus all the death,” Kurt points out, passing him a wet wipe to remove the remnants of the scrub on Blaine’s smooth, flawless skin.

“Near-death,” Blaine corrects. “If I have to suck someone’s blood I’m going to drop them off at the hospital after. It’s only polite.”

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