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Exclusive: Glee Casts Love Interest for Beiste! 

Looks like Coach Beiste could be ordering a second bowl of pasta the next time she calls for Breadstix takeout. Nope, she’s not ramping up her carb-loading, and as far as we know, she’s not pregnant. But TVLine has learned exclusively that Beiste, played by the delightful Dot-Marie Jones (a 2011 Emmy nominee for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series), may have a very special dinner companion in her future.

Indeed, the show’s producers have cast Eric Bruskotter in what’s being described as a major recurring role of Johnny, a football recruiter who comes scouting for talent at McKinley, but finds he can’t take his eyes off the team’s gruff but big-hearted coach. Bruskotter has previously had recurring roles on 24,Six Feet Under and Providence, and most recently appeared in an episode of Franklin & Bash.

October 4, 2011
at 17:33



Dot Marie Jones - “Episode 3 is hilarious, has some really good lines.”

“Episode 5 will break your heart.”

WHAT?! Don’t do that!!!

This is so cringeworthy. I love it. Darren is radiating hate.

Also Cory is one of my favourite people. He seems like such a doll.