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Anonymous asked: As a have some free time this summer, I downloaded All The Other Ghosts to read. BRON. THIS FIC.

omg anon this is my jam, let’s talk about rainjoy. i literally tweeted this earlier today


you’re making me very happy rn. but gosh, that fic, it hurts in all the right places and sometimes too many of the right places and really deep, but in a way that’s like, you know what i feel greater for having felt that hurt, this hurt feels relevant. and the way she writes them, their love is like this huge dense tangible complex thing and it never hits the wrong notes, and her kurt is such a beautiful kurt, oh no. ghost cuts so deep. all of her au’s are incredible in a way that i’d sell my soul for, but atog and grey are such a journey, bless her cotton socks, her writing makes life so much better. i hope you’re enjoying it so much anon, i’m so glad you popped by to tell me ♥♥♥

Anonymous asked: bronerino do you have a twitter?

yep, sometimes it’s private, sometimes it’s not owo

anonymous asked: Oh Bron how I’ve missed you so much :( Are you back for good or no?

naw, thank you hon bun. yeah, i think so, as long as i’m enjoying myself and it’s making me happy ♥

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Anonymous asked: Bron, you live in the same city as me so tell me: how fair you in this motherfucking heat?

i just tried to talk to my housemate while i had an icecube in my mouth and dribbled down my chin, it was my finest moment. i’m keeping a bit cool, but it still feels like every surrounding mountain’s going to catch fire at once unu hope you have the gift of aircon or icy poles or a kiddy pool rn

Anonymous asked: Whenever I check your blog and see that you haven't posted since Dec. 3rd, I think: "The Christmas Episode killed Bron." (I can sympathize.) Hope you're doin' alright.

this gave me such a kick, omg hon bun. i’m okay, i’m chuggin’ along, thank you ♥♥♥

Anonymous asked: Do you think Kurt will keep his piercing? They'd have to put that stud in every time they film, right?

i imagine it was fake, but yeah idk. i don’t really trust their commitment to continuity enough to hope it’ll pop up again unu or that they’d explain its disappearance ununu but i could be wrong uwu

Anonymous asked: Set pics came out of Lea in that cute yellow knit hat again and I immediately thought of you. :)

THE MAGICAL HAT ♥________♥

Anonymous asked: i never knew westeros had such a talented sellsword fic writer we r all blessed by the seven gods

you know nothing bron snow

Anonymous asked: Hey Bron, I just wanted to say I'm not really that involved in the Glee fandom anymore but I still track both your fic tags and DEVOUR anything you write. Keep doing your thing, and have a lovely day!

goodness, thank you so much, that’s such a lovely compliment ♥U♥ i hope you have a wonderful day too angel ♥

Anonymous asked: Sometimes, I watch that kiss, I think about Blaine's hand on Kurt's side, and how he gripped at Kurt's hip bones. And then there was Kurt's hand on Blaine's shoulder blade so he could feel the muscles tighten as Blaine pulled their bodies closer together, and I am happy.

now i’m super happy, the kiss that just gets happier, bless  ♥_______♥

Anonymous asked: A mini fridge, Bron? That's your point of reference? xD

i was gonna say a freezer but i didn’t want to exaggerate, just a cute lil’ mini fridge filled with nummy snacks

October 24, 2013
at 03:17

Anonymous asked: Bron your fic made me giggle snort so hard you write both Kurt and Blaine so well and you make me feel a lot of things with your prose so all in all thank you for being the best writer in fandom I love you very much

GOODNESS thank you so much honey, you’re so incredibly sweet and way too kind, i’m a little bit speechless ♥♥♥♥ thank you so much for reading, you made me very happy uwu

Anonymous asked: Good day to be a Canberran for the same sex marriage bill. <3 Now if we can only keep Abbott's nasty claws away from it...

haha ha haaaaaaaaa kind of feels like a snowball’s chance in hell, doesn’t it .____________. but i never thought we’d even get this far with him lurking around and pulling strings, so yeah, it’s a very, very good day, regardless of what ends up happening down the line ♥

October 22, 2013
at 12:11

Anonymous asked: Brooooon the second I saw you posted fic I scwarked so hard I scared my dog. I'm so excited to read it anything you write makes my day I'll be sure to leave a review once I finish :)

thank you so much hon bun, you made my day ♥♥♥ and i hope your dog has forgiven you ♥u♥

Anonymous asked: Hi bronzie!! I was wondering if youe ver posted or if you're planning on posting te second part to that fic you wrote a few weeks ago? The one on kinks and spanking etc?cause I loved the first part!!

hi! thank you so much. i haven’t posted it yet, i’d planned to have it finished much sooner but i got distracted by another long fic i’m working on, and basically idk why i keep trying to write smut when it’s the thing i find the hardest. i shouldn’t have posted it when i only had half of part two finished, i’m sorry, i’m rubbish, but i’ll try to get it finished asap unu. i’m so glad you’re enjoying it though, it’s such a lovely thing to hear ♥

Anonymous asked: Sebabu was on the backlot list as well *u* ((Tho he was in the 40s))

LIL’ SEBAB, bless uwu