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punkin pie(s)

Anonymous asked: it's funny how you pretend to like blaine but you are actually always hating on him on twitter

ikr, what a little shit, he’s the worst


  1. kristantinople said: LIL COOKIE BELLY IM SCREAMING
  2. thestormsrain said: In a non creepy way, I love you :) Those tweets are so cute! Now whenever I see Darren all I’m going to be able to think about is him just eating spoons of cookie dough!
  3. devonblainers said: ;’m chOKING
  4. heyblaine said: bron you’re literally dedicating a whole blog to something you apparently don’t even like, listen to anon and please stop, they obviously know you the best
  5. hummelcolfer said: so mean bronu so unnecessarily cruel
  6. daybreaq said: So anon thinks teasing about his belly is “hating?” Bellies are cute and Blaine’s is the cutest! ;)
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