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Anonymous asked: Which is your favourite klaine kiss?

wah, oh my gosh it’s so complicated. i immediately want to say the 2x16 kisses, because we’d waited so long for them to get their acts together and the long wait made the next step in their relationship so much more wonderful. it was so perfect for the moment and sweet and romantic and sort of tentative and careful and ‘oh my god, am i dreaming’ but also kind of hungry and they defs spent at least half an hour macking and giggling and staring dazedly at each other like ‘HOW ARE YOU REAL’ and kurt had pretty much given up and we’d pretty much given up and blaine was already so close to head over heels in love the big doofus, and oh man, lbr that’s probably my fav.

but they’re all so perfect, my stomach does somersaults during every single one. the ‘mwah’ in blaine’s bedroom is so casual and playful and the kiss at the loft is so ‘we know each other so well, this is how i’ll kiss you when we part for work in the morning when we’re married’ and the the auditorium kiss is so vital and they’re both trying to communicate so much with it and blaine looks so small and his face makes me want to roll into the sea, and the wedding kiss, oh my god don’t look at me, they’re both groping each other and they both definitely have boners and they’re super familiar with those boners and they’re horny as fuck and there’s so much subtext and talking past each other and saying whatever words that’ll lead to them being able to dry hump in a car outside a church because they’re so damn keen, and wah. waaaaaaaah.

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