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Anonymous asked: bron can you imagine finn having a baby and kurt and blaine getting to be uncles and kurt getting crazy baby fever but blaine says they should wait a little when theyre more ~responsible~ so they get a bunny to practice being parents on and they give it a cheesy name and blaine gets crazy attached and it sits in his curls and naps with him and feeds it treats he shouldnt and then a year later they have a for real baby and they all have big family cuddle sessions in their bed and this is gross

omg you shouldn’t get me started on klaine and bunnies i’ll giggle for the rest of time *u*u*u*

THE IDEA OF THEM AS OVER ENTHUSIATIC UNCLES IS THE SWEETEST THOUGH. Finn lives in Ohio and they live in NYC and once Finn’s kid/s get old enough they go spend whole weeks on vacation with uncle Kurt and uncle Blaine, and they’re so much cooler than daddy and they let them eat so much frozen yoghurt and take them to all the touristy areas and teach them to dance on the rug in their living room and have an old ginger tabby cat called Odin, and Kurt and Blaine have a little two year old girl and have just had their second kid, so Kurt’s going around with this sweet little curly haired brunette on his hip and Blaine has a sleepy little angel baby boy permanently strapped to his chest and omg they’d be the most adorable rag tag bunch of cutie patooties, all of them holding hands while crossing the road (including kurt and blaine) and no this is gross, stop me.

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