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punkin pie(s)

college au where Kurt and Blaine are having regular casual hanky-panky in their dorm rooms


Kurt rolls over and moans, tugging the sheets a little higher around his naked shoulders and squeezing his eyes shut against the morning glow of his room. He doesn’t have class until midday and he intends stretch his sleep-in for as long as he can get away with.


He feels Blaine’s hand close gently around his shoulder and shake.

“Sleeping,” he growls, voice rough and thick.

The mattress dips behind him, Blaine’s hip warm against his shoulder blades and his palm skimming down to rest heavily on his waist.

“I know, I’m sorry,” Blaine whispers. “But I have to get to class in like fifteen minutes and if I don’t stop for coffee I’m not going to make it through my first lecture without having a breakdown.”

“I don’t see why that’s my problem.” Kurt sighs, opening his eyes and laboriously rolling over onto his back to gaze balefully up at Blaine.

There are two things he realises in quick succession. First, Blaine’s post-sex sleepy hair makes Kurt want to sit up and run his fingers through it to neaten it just so he can push him back onto the bed and mess it up all over again.

And second, Blaine’s still very, very naked.

Kurt stares for a long moment, then murmurs, “I think you’re going to be late for class Blaine.”

“I know,” Blaine groans, biting his lip and blushing faintly. “I need your help.”

Kurt raises an eyebrow, letting his eyes drift briefly down to Blaine’s lap where his cock is resting on his thigh, soft and plump. “Morning sex help?”

Blaine snorts and bats Kurt lightly where his hand’s still resting on the sheet covered jut of his hip. “No, I wish. I, um. I can’t find my underwear,” he blinks. “I’ve been looking for ten minutes, I think they’ve disappeared off the face of the earth.”

Kurt eyes widen and his lips purse in an effort not to laugh. “You want me to get out of bed and help you search for your underwear?”

Blaine shakes his head, eyes a little narrowed at Kurt’s poorly concealed grin. “No, I’ve almost given up. I thought they might be under you.”

Kurt laughs and rolls his eyes. “Hang on, I’ll have a look,” he ducks his head under the sheets, peeking back up briefly to murmur, “Back in a sec,” just to hear Blaine laugh.

Their ‘sex thing’ may be a ‘just sex’ thing, but Kurt’s pretty sure he’s fallen in love with Blaine’s laugh.

He rolls around a little, kicking the sheets up and checking under himself, eventually resurfacing empty handed. “Sorry. No bright red underwear here,” he frowns. “You’d think they’d stand out.”

“Dammit,” Blaine huffs, flopping back on the bed and staring up at the ceiling with one hand resting on the thin trail of dark hair down his stomach; mouth wateringly unselfconscious. “I don’t have time to go back to my room.”

Kurt props his head up on his hand and smiles down at Blaine.

“Well…” he says slowly.

Blaine’s eyes flick to his, warm and hopeful and framed by unfairly thick lashes. “Well?”

“Well,” Kurt repeats. “You could go without.”

Blaine’s eyebrows fly up, his lips quirking at the corners. “Commando?”

Kurt nods. “Mhm. It’s not like anyone would know.”

A decidedly wicked smile stretches across Blaine’s face. “Except you.”

Kurt licks his lips quickly. “Except me.”

Blaine’s gaze moves to Kurt’s lips and stays there. “For the record I am actually really sorry that I wasn’t waking you up for morning sex.”

Heat spreads down Kurt’s chest, settling in his stomach and slowly filling his cock between his legs. He reaches out and brushes Blaine’s hair back from his forehead.

“Are you busy tonight?”

Blaine’s smile grows improbably wider. “I am now.”

“Good boy,” Kurt whispers, leaning over to press a slow, lingering kiss to Blaine’s lips. “Be here at eight.”

Blaine hooks his hand around the back of Kurt’s neck and pulls him back into the kiss, parting his lips and humming as Kurt’s tongue brushes his own.

When Kurt pulls back it’s to swat Blaine on the thigh, and briskly chant. “Okay. Get dressed and go to class so I can get back to sleep.”

Blaine rolls out of bed and scoops his jeans off the floor, shaking them out and stepping into them, nodding towards the tented sheets between Kurt’s legs. “If by ‘go back to sleep’ you mean jerk off while thinking about me.”

Kurt reaches down, rubbing his hand over his cock once and shifting slightly with a quiet sigh. “A gentleman never tells.”

Blaine fastens his belt and tugs his striped blue polo over his head, his chest flexing deliciously as he stretches.

He emerges with ruffled hair and a beaming smile on his face. “And you’re a perfect gentleman.”

Kurt holds his hand out in search of one last goodbye kiss, and murmurs. “Don’t you forget it.”

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