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i think i’ve run out of klaine wips that aren’t too embarrassingly shabby to post, so… this is going to be a kurt/adam/blaine threesome with established kadam and platonic klaine, but it’s not up to the blaine yet. or the threesome. uh.

“Do we have wine?” Kurt calls, buttoning his cuff and twisting his torso from side to side, eyeing his reflection in the full length mirror.

He hears a cupboard door bang in the kitchen. “Yes.”

He smooths the fabric at his sides and cocks his head a little, contemplating adding a scarf to his ensemble. “Do we have enough wine?”

For a moment there’s nothing but the soft, unmistakable padding of Adam’s bare feet on the floorboards, his head poking in around the doorframe and catching the eye of Kurt’s reflection.

“Enough wine for three relatively sensible adults to share over dinner, or enough wine for things to get a little bit messy?”

“I don’t know about messy…” Kurt says slowly, grinning to match the one quickly spreading across Adam’s face.

“Do you want me to go pick up another couple of bottles?”

Kurt turns. “Yes please.”

Adam chuckles and disappears again. “I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Love you.” Kurt sings.

There’s a faint jingle of keys and the shuffle of shoes. “You love wine.”

“I love you and wine.”

“I love you and wine too.” Adam’s bright voice echoes, followed by a shout of, “You look incredible by the way. Stop worrying,” and the snick of the front door closing.

“Says the man in the three year old shirt,” Kurt mumbles to himself, smiling nonetheless and finally stepping away from the mirror and out of the bedroom.

“So, you and Blaine…” Adam says, still damp from his shower, and body warm and distractingly naked as he collapses onto the bed and wriggles into Kurt’s side.

“Mm?” Kurt sets his book aside and shuffles further down the mattress, twining the fingers of one hand into Adam’s wet hair.

Adam smiles, eyes sliding closed as he nestles his head against Kurt’s ribs, content as a puppy getting his ears scratched. “How close were you guys growing up?”

“Close,” Kurt shrugs. “Best, oldest friends close. I have a feeling we were that annoying impenetrable duo that everyone knows. The ones with a whole encyclopaedia of alienating in jokes.”

“I know the kind,” Adam says warmly, silent for a moment before he opens his eyes and peers up at Kurt. “And you were just friends?”

“I don’t know about just friends, as far as friends go we were pretty –” Kurt stops midsentence and stares down at Adam’s carefully neutral face, feeling his own lips twitch up at the corners. “Adam.”

Adam’s eyebrows pinch in and he buries his face in Kurt’s side. “Forget I asked. Please forget I asked.”

“We never dated.”

Adam’s voice is muffled and endearingly, pathetically pleading. “It doesn’t matter if you did, you seriously don’t have to tell me anything.”

Kurt laughs softly and cups Adam’s jaw in his palm, sliding down until they’re sharing the same pillow and he can squeeze his own pyjama clad leg between Adam’s. “Are you jealous?”

Adam lets out a huff of air and tilts his head until his face is scrunched into the pillow. “No. I don’t want to be that guy.”

Kurt wraps an arm around Adam’s waist and traces his fingers down his spine. “I’m not going to lie, Blaine’s always been kind of Hollywood, dreamboat handsome –”

Adam mumbles. “Okay, starting to feel jealous.”

But,” Kurt says firmly, tightening his arm around Adam for emphasis. “We were never like that. We never slept together. We only kissed a few times at parties and New Year,” he tips forward and presses a light kiss to Adam’s forehead, coaxing him out of hiding. “And I love him, but never the way I love you. You have nothing to worry about.”

Adam’s face relaxes into the easy, awed smile he seems to reserve for Kurt, closing the distance between them and kissing Kurt on the lips like he can’t quite help it. “I’m not worried.”

Kurt raises an eyebrow. “Something’s bothering you.”

Adam bites his lip, and at Kurt’s fingers tapping encouragingly at his waist, he says, “I’m just nervous. I feel like I did the first time I met Burt.”

Kurt snorts. “Adam…”

“He’s important to you. I’m just… nervous. It’s stupid.”

Kurt leans his body further into Adam’s chest, always so safe and relaxed in their bed. “Don’t be nervous. He’s one of the three most important men in my life.”

A slow smile creeps across Adam’s face, leaning in to bump his nose against Kurt’s and wheedling. “And those three men are Burt, Blaine and…?”

“You’re an idiot,” Kurt laughs, making to sit up and finding himself swept onto his back by Adam’s arms and swiftly straddled. “Adam!”

“The third man is Marc Jacobs, isn’t it. Burt, Blaine and Marc Jacobs.”

“You’re such an idiot, oh my god.”

“I knew it.”

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