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Blaine’s five seconds away from borrowing the latest novel in the Southern Vampire Series when he sees him. The new librarian. He’s sitting behind the front counter with glossy sculpted brown hair and glasses sliding low on his nose. His thumb is wedged between his teeth and he’s rocking gently back and forth on his swivel chair as he flips through the pages of a book, mug at his elbow.

He’s the sexiest librarian in the world. He has to be. And by merit of being a librarian who also happens to be sexy, he’s at least three times sexier than if he were, for example, a sexy lawyer or a sexy cowboy.

Blaine’s the first person to admit he gets a bit of a boner for books, but oh god, his local library has hired the sexiest librarian in existence.

He freezes mid step and turns on his heel, taking a deep breath and sliding back into the bookshelves to frantically scan dozens of spines and swap the fabulously trashy novel for a collection of E.E. Cummings poems.

"I’m sorry Sookie Stackhouse," he murmurs. "I’ll be back for you later."

He strides to the counter, palms sweating but head held high, and slides his book and library card gently onto the desk.

"Hi," he says, and praises himself for choosing to open with a nice, easy one syllable word.

The librarian looks up through his dusty eyelashes over his glasses, a calm smile forming on his lips as he stands to serve Blaine. “Good morning.”

Blaine barely resists the urge to gurgle.

His skin is pale, light freckles barely visible, eyes a pale grey-blue that Blaine has a sudden burning need to see in natural light. His sleeves are rolled up to his biceps, arms ending in lovely square hands, and legs sheathed in what Blaine hopes are standard issue skin tight sexy librarian jeans.

His nametag says he’s Kurt, and Blaine chants it in his head a few times to make it stick.

Don’t call him Sexy Kurt, don’t call him Librarian Kurt, don’t, don’t, do not under any circumstances call him Sexy Librarian Kurt.

Kurt glances at Blaine’s library card, scanning it and the book, and says in a songbird voice, “When I got this job I had delusions that I’d get to spend all day stamping the little cards in the back of the books, and all night scrubbing red ink off my fingers. I probably should have realised almost everywhere would have updated to computers by now.”

Blaine stares at Kurt’s hands for a moment, eventually remembering to reply. “There’s something slightly less romantic about a barcode, isn’t there?”

Kurt smiles, eyes crinkling, and hands over the book. “Exactly.”

"Thank you." Blaine nods, turning and walking towards the exit, biting his lip to keep from smiling, when Kurt’s voice rings out behind him.

"Enjoy your book, Mr Anderson."

Blaine cringes.

Sexy Librarian Kurt just referred to him by his father’s name.

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