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Anonymous asked: quick question (this is not supposed to be mean/passive agressive/etc btw) are you now reblogging adam/kadam here? i thought you only did on your other blog? (i just want to be sure hehe)

eh, i reblog him here every now and then and i’ll probably always one-time-reblog my kadam fic here and any fan art of my favourite artists. i dig him as much as (or more than some of) the other characters i reblog regularly, so i don’t want to exile him entirely :(

Anonymous asked: Bron do you know what wss the song playing when Blaine entered his bedroom?

no, sorry. i tried to find it for you but it didn’t work…

  1. slightestwind said: not to rant in a reply but it bums me out that daring to reblog anything including a sweetheart character who’s only been in two eps is a reason for people to freak out. if it was any other character on the show… @_@
  2. ajanders said: Shazaam now pulls music from broadcast. It’s Don’t Let The Right One Get Away by Hot As Sun - YouTube uUkpsq18NVc
  3. hummelcolfer said: the song’s “don’t let the right one get away” by hot as sun :)
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