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Anonymous asked: What if the only reason Blaine sometimes wears those little hats of his is because hes having a bad hair day and couldnt get the gel just right? Like under that quirky placed fedora is a little poofball of untamed curls and then Kurt finds out about it when theyre making out at his house after school one day and is giggling so hard he starts crying? and he always keeps one in his locker incase of mid day emergencies that he doesnt have time to fix?? gah lil muffin


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  2. hotteaandlove said: I think it might actually be canon that Blaine keeps a hat in his locker. Didn’t someone tweet a pic of Blaine’s locker interior from a Paramount studio tour once, and there was a cardigan and hat hung up inside? In case of slushies, don’t ya know!
  3. prideofportree said: that’s what I do when I have a bad hairspray day. Wear a beret even indoors :D. There’s nothing that could put you down quite as much as a bad hair day u__u.
  4. dimmesdale said: your anons are so cute omg
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