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Anonymous asked: Hey Bron. I'm sorry to dump this on you but I've had a shitty night. Could you direct me to some super fluffy fic? Author or Drabble or MultiChap I'm not picky. Any amount of happiness would work. Pleaese?

oh, it’s no problem, i hope i can help at all. heyblaine and Ann’s fic tags are always delightful, and they’ve both written a bunch of precious kitty!kurt and smokin’ age difference lately. i really enjoyed the recently finished Spice verse; it’s more sexy-fluffy. i just reread On the Line and Underneath and Unexplored by icedwhitemocha/s, the first one’s more smutty-fluff, and the second one had brief moments of angst. aspiringtoeloquence is a fluff master, i’ve been going through her tag lately, and just read Swing the Spinning Step which was lovely. and my go to fluffy cheery up fics are While We Two Keep Together by Cimm, and Black and White and Eleven in the Morning… by darling rainjoy. oh, and Where There’s Smoke. always Where There’s Smoke. i really hope you find something!

  1. scandalsandbowties said: I just wrote a super fluffy one.…