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punkin pie(s)

Anonymous asked: I thought Tina's crush on Blaine was really cute until the dance, I felt like she got kinda creepy. :c What do you think about Blaine's crush on Sam and on Adam? I thought Adam was actually a real cutie.

to be fair, Blaine was choosing his words pretty poorly at the dance. ‘where have you been all my life?’ BLAINE. THINK ABOUT WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO, THIS WON’T END WELL YOU TEDDY BEAR. and i knew Blaine’s smitten-unrequited-crush eyes were going to be adorable, poor punkin. i pretty much lost it when Sam barrelled into the library and pushed all of Blaine’s things off his desk, omg. idk, it’s super cute, but i really want Blaine and Sam stay tight, i hope they handle it well +______+ and Adam was pretty much a peach even if he was the oldest 22 year old ever. and he obviously has great taste in men *u*

  1. dontbefanci said: I sort of took that almost kiss moment to be more in Tina’s head than reality - including Blaine’s dialogue. It had a dreamy cast to it and everything.
  2. girliesportsjunkie said: 'he was the oldest 22 year old ever' OH I'M GLAD SOMEONE SAID THAT. Because he looks ALOT older than 22. He's adorable, but he's no 22.
  3. darrenmalik said: same omg
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