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Anonymous asked: One of my favorite things about Klaine dancing is the fact that Kurt twirled Blaine at the bar and Kurt dipped Blaine in More Than A Woman. Or in Prom Queen when they were singing to each other. Yeah-- I just really love Klaine and when they dance together.

oh man, me too anon, me too, perfect little peas ;________;

i bet they used to dance together in Kurt’s room all the time, slow dancing, and just kind of spinning and shimmying sometimes, and interspersed with smacking kisses on cheeks, and the music up loud and the door cracked open, and assorted Hudson-Hummels would walk past every now and then. when Finn saw he’d get kind of oddly uncomfortable and overwhelmed, because holy shit, the way they look at each other like they’re everything, does he even love Rachel that much? his brain would kind of melt and he’d disappear to watch cartoons and eat cereal because it’s too much to think about. Carole would coo and smile and quietly close the door entirely, she’s always trusted them under their roof anyway, most polite teenage boys alive. and Burt would just nod and keep walking and wait for the day Kurt comes racing up to him with a ring on his finger.

(also… i’ve always had a headcanon about Blaine choreographing a dance to Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, and performing it for Kurt until Kurt laughed so much he fell off the bed)

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