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Anonymous asked: Chris Colfer trips and breaks his arm. You are one of the writers of glee and you need to figure out a way to write his broken arm into the show; what's your plan?

given that it’s Glee i probably wouldn’t mention it and just hope that nobody notices.

either that or a recounting of a bawdy farce involving the power going out while Kurt’s in the shower and Kurt slipping and falling and making a ton of noise. Rachel runs in to help and gets an eyefull of penis, goes bright red, and laughs to relieve tension, and Kurt’s just sitting there in extreme pain, glaring at her going, “i’ll have you know Blaine says i have a very nice penis, and he’s seen more than enough porn to tell the difference, now hand me that fucking towel.”

and that’s why i don’t write for Glee.

  1. hummelcolfer said: how do I get you a job on the writing staff stat
  2. alexturnerpdf said: that is why you should write glee.
  3. blanderstan said: Didn’t Chord break both his arms at one point and they never mentioned it?
  4. likeoatmeal said: lol that’s a shame because i would totally watch this show
  5. evemarieoftheearth said: *cackles with laughter*
  6. voicelikehelvetica said: You are the best. <3
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