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Anonymous asked: Oh Bron, I'm totally freaking out because A) Glee's BACK!!!! but B) THE BREAKUP is near and it's happening, everybody makes it sound like that's that and Klaine won't be endgame and that HURTS my poor heart ;-; Do something, please!!

Once upon a time Kurt and Blaine broke up…

Kurt cried so hard for so long that he thought his head was going to split, and he didn’t know it (it wouldn’t have made him feel any better anyway), but Blaine cried so hard he was sick. Kneeling on the cold floor of the bathroom and telling himself that this is for the best this is for the best this is for the best even though it didn’t feel like it would ever stop hurting.

The next night Kurt overheard Rachel on the phone to Blaine when she thought he was sleeping. It was one side of the conversation, but he only had to hear he angry whisper of, “I know you haven’t stopped loving him, so why the fuck are you doing this?” before he had to cover his head with his pillow and wonder where the tears were coming from, because he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since Blaine left.

The day after that Blaine answered his front door to Burt, and it was one sharp inward sob and the split in his heart throbbing dangerously hard before Burt had to step forward and pull Blaine against his chest to hold him up. Burt didn’t know how he’d ended up in a position where he had so many teenaged boys to look after, and he didn’t know why Blaine had broken up with Kurt, but Burt loved Kurt and Kurt loved this kid and Burt would eat his damn hat if Blaine had stopped loving Kurt back. The way he was shaking and crying, there was no fucking way he’d stopped loving Kurt back.

A week later when he’d stopped crying every half hour Kurt tried to call Blaine, but he didn’t answer. He tried again. No answer.

Time passed and they didn’t talk. Blaine called Rachel from time to time, and Rachel didn’t tell Kurt. Kurt called Tina from time to time, and Tina didn’t tell Blaine. Burt made Blaine come round for dinner at least once a week.

It kept hurting. For both of them. It didn’t hurt any less, but after a while it hurt less urgently. Kurt still couldn’t say yes to coffee with a persistently interested co-worker, and Blaine still couldn’t take Kurt’s photo down from inside his locker, but they’d both learnt to moderate the pain.

Blaine thought it might go away if he stopped loving Kurt, but he didn’t know how to do that. Kurt thought it might go away if he could stop missing Blaine and just resent him like he was supposed to, but he didn’t know how to do that either.

It had to be because it was first love, right? It was only so hard and only felt so important because neither of them knew how to deal with breaking up, right?

But… that was bullshit. Blaine thought that implied that his love for Kurt was less important because he was young and inexperienced. Fuck that. He learnt half of what he knew from Kurt and Kurt made him feel less like a teenager than he ever had in his life.

And they wouldn’t have worked out anyway, right? Teenage romance was a construct and a myth and it never lasted, right?

But… that was bullshit. Kurt had never treated what he and Blaine had as less important simply because they were in high school. He’d never spoken to Blaine like there was any chance that they wouldn’t still be together when they were eighty years old, and he’d never heard Blaine do so either.

At Thanksgiving Blaine had his house to himself, and held a party for all of New Directions past and present (and a Warbler or two). He almost dropped his drink when Kurt walked in the front door with Rachel, and he had to run to the kitchen to lean against the fridge and remember how to breathe.

Kurt was only there because Rachel had argued, “It’s not like you can just ignore him for the rest of your life,” which had made Kurt imagine what his life would be like if he and Blaine didn’t even remain friends, which had resulted in a pretty spectacular freak out.

When Blaine emerged from the kitchen he walked straight to Sam and tried to ignore the fact that he could see Kurt in the corner of his eye, beautiful as ever with perfect hair and knee high boots, barely older and improbably more graceful.

Kurt glanced at Blaine every couple of minutes. He was wearing a cardigan Kurt had bought him before he’d moved to New York, and he still looked like the same boy who’d shown Kurt how fiercely he was capable of loving, and how much of a gift that was.

Blaine had moved to talk to Wes and David when he felt a heartbreakingly familiar hand on his elbow and turned to find Kurt standing two feet away. He only managed to keep standing because his brain told him it’d be really embarrassing if he fell over, and apparently he’d been away from Kurt long enough that not looking like an idiot had become priority again.

Kurt said “hi,” and Blaine croaked “hi,” and Kurt asked him how he’d been.

There weren’t any seats left inside so they ended up on Blaine’s back porch where they’d studied and kissed and talked dozens of times before. And they just talked. They talked about Kurt’s job and New York and Kurt’s favourite coffee shop. They talked about Glee club and Cooper and what colleges Blaine was applying to, and after three hours sitting together and laughing together and not moving from the spot, Kurt went quiet for a moment and said, “I miss you,” and Blaine bit the inside of his mouth hard and said, “I miss you, too”.  

Kurt shivered a little and Blaine asked him if he wanted to borrow a sweater, so they both went inside and up to Blaine’s room and both of them knew it had absolutely god damn nothing to do with a sweater.

Kurt closed the door behind them and Blaine cupped his face and let out a shaky breath and Kurt gripped Blaine’s elbows so hard it had to hurt, and they stared and they stared and they both leaned in at the same time and kissed. Kurt’s arms ended up around Blaine’s waist and Blaine’s hands in Kurt’s hair, and Blaine only realised he was crying when he noticed that Kurt was too.

They ended up sitting on the edge of Blaine’s bed, Blaine pressing a kiss to Kurt’s forehead and Kurt using his sleeve to wipe tears from Blaine’s cheeks.

Blaine said, “I love you.”

"I never stopped loving you."

"Me neither."

"What are we doing?"

"I have no idea."

"We should… we should talk more. We should figure this out."


"We should… talk now."


They fucked with Blaine on his back and Kurt’s thighs squeezing his hips where he straddled him, the sound of muffled music drifting up from downstairs, and Kurt’s fingers tangled in Blaine’s as they gasped. Kurt tipped first and Blaine held him close as he trust a dozen more times, catching Kurt’s open mouth with his own as he came inside him.

They rolled over, never letting go, and kissed for another hour. Every inch of skin covered in kisses, and always one of Kurt’s hands in Blaine’s.

They slept for a couple of hours, and Blaine woke to Kurt’s eyes on his in the dim light, their hands still holding.

They kissed.

They showered.

They dressed.

(Kurt borrowed one of Blaine’s sweaters, and couldn’t stop pressing the cuff under his nose to smell that unforgettable scent of Blaine)

They talked.

They snuck downstairs and tip toed through their friends who were staying the night to wrap some food in napkins and hurry back upstairs.

They ate.

They talked.

They kissed.

They talked.

They undressed.

They talked.

They slept.

They woke up and they kissed and Blaine went down on Kurt and collapsed on top of him after they’d both come, and kissed Kurt’s neck while Kurt giggled weakly.

They went downstairs together at midday, still holding hands. Rachel screamed and hugged both of them and skipped off to the kitchen shouting, “Boyfriends,” while Kurt laughed into Blaine’s chest and Blaine wondered if he could just keep smiling forever.

tl;dr: For what it’s worth (probably very little) I sincerely believe that there is no fucking way Kurt will break up and remain broken up. But if they break up we’ll get the perverse joy of getting to witness some heartbroken Kurt and Blaine action to some kick ass nineties music, the writers will get to have their bachelor Kurt and Blaine fun for a while and hopefully they’ll both get more screen time for it, then we’ll get the joy of seeing them get back together.


And don’t pay any attention to what anyone else is saying. If you think they’re endgame then you damn well keep thinking it and don’t let anyone rain on your parade, and hopefully the writers don’t hate us that much, and everything will be peachy as fuck in the long run.


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